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What Makes Top Agents so Successful?

Tim  •  December 22, 2022

The quickest way to success is to learn from the best, apply and then improve.

When you look at the top agents producing more in a month than some agents produce in years, you have to ask yourself…why?

Are they lucky? Are they superhuman?

A few agents may get lucky along the way, but none remain at the top by accident. 

Here are 3 things you should be doing if you want to become a top-producing agent:

Capitalize on Good Customer Experiences

Don’t let a good customer experience die with the transaction. Top agents intentionally capitalize on past clients to drive repeat business and referrals. Most agents claim they work by referral, but don’t have an active strategy to get more referrals. Most agents simply wait around for a referral, but top producers are always doing something to stay top of mind. Whether it’s through social media, client events, gifts, or a phone call, they are doing something that nurtures past client relationships and it drives referrals. Not only does this increase the chances of repeat business, this drastically increases the chances of a referral. Systematically and consistently nurturing past clients not only produces wild compounding effects, but it creates a community of raving clients that are a joy to work with.

This is a Business, Not a Job!

The mindset of treating real estate like a business rather than a job is perhaps the biggest difference between top-producing agents and everyone else. Running real estate like a business doesn’t necessarily mean having a huge team, but it does mean you have systems and processes in place that allow you to provide a repeatable and predictable client experience. If you don’t have a brand strategy or business plan, you will end up running around “juggling different hats” all day, with no end in sight. True top producers think through what they do best, stay focused on those details, and delegate the rest. 

Build a Unique and Memorable Brand Experience

Technically speaking, any agent can close a house, but the experience is what makes top producers the best. A $5k Toyota and a $90k Tesla will both get you from point A to B, but there is a world of difference between the experiences each provides along the way. Top-producing agents map out their client journey from start to finish and take steps to make their client experience the best possible. Whether it’s setting more realistic expectations, elevating communication, or anticipating client needs, there is always something to improve. Do not just run through as many leads and clients as possible. Your goal is to provide the best experience, which results in more business. 

Pro Tip: Don’t assume you know what your clients want. Call past clients and ask them about their experience. Be humble enough to listen and learn.

This article is provided by Timothy Zaritskyy from Orange Visuals, a real estate branding firm. If you need help creating a lasting brand, visit or click the button below to learn more.

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