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Real Estate Marketing
Use Cases

At Orange Visuals we strive to provide real estate marketing specifically catered to your situation. This page is a resource to help you understand how to use our visual services to maximize your ROI in your specific real estate marketing need.

One Stop Shop

Our team is at your service. Everything you need to visually market real estate or yourself.

Online Scheduling

Select your desired service(s) and easily book an appointment online. We will send a checklist to help you prepare for your appointment.

24 Hour Delivery

Your marketing deliverables will be delivered within 24 hours in a locked online gallery with an invoice. Downloads unlocked once payment completed.

Residential RE Marketing

Our team helps top-producing realtors list hundreds of homes annually, They enjoy quick online scheduling, 24-hour delivery, and spectacular selling results.

Listing Visuals

Everything you need to market your next listing delivered in 24 hours.


Sell your home with the marketing of the pros, without the commission.

New Builds

Showcase your models and sell more through our virtual tours.

Commercial RE Marketing​

Whether selling or leasing, you need to properly help your potential client visualize them in your property. Maximize sale price and minimize vacancies.


Explore our various services to help you market apartment complexes in a way that attracts buyers, or market apartment suites to attract tenants.


Work with our team to properly market warehouses, garages, and any other industrial property with premium photos, videos, and aerials.


Our team can help you market your medical space to sell or be leased.

Office & Retail

Allowing potential buyers and tenants to visualize themselves in your property is crucial. Use photo, video, and virtual tours to help your potential clients see the value in your space.


Show off your ambiance and unique space through high-quality visuals and virtual tours.

Short Term Rentals

Show your property lease ready. Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.

Agent Marketing

It’s not enough to simply market your listings successfully. How can you maximize your referrals and repeat business through premium visual content? See below.

Video Content

Use educational and short-form video content to stay top of mind with your audience, build trust, and maximize referrals and repeat business.

Team Headshots / Candid Photos

Present your team at their best, renew your marketing appeal, and update your team’s marketing.

Client Testimonial Videos

Leverage the power of a video testimonial to deepen relationships, overcome objections, and win clients easier.

Workflow Videos

Create short videos to update your clients on the status of the transaction. These videos can be emailed or texted. Great to save you time while elevating the client experience.

Event Content

Photo & Video Content during your client appreciation events

Not Sure Where to Start?


Yes! Many of our listing services are discounted when bundled together. Such as photo + video. We also have special benefits for our most loyal customers so don’t hesitate to ask.

Travel is calculated at $1.5/mile one way, starting from downtown Columbus. Ex. If your property is 40 miles from downtown, the travel fee is $60. Properties within a 20 mile radius don’t carry travel fees.

We understand the importance of quickly scheduling when needed. If you don’t see a time you need, please contact our team. One of the benefits of being a loyal Orange Visuals client is our reserve appointment slots. These are photo shoot slots that are not available to the public, specifically for agents that need something quick.

"They produce great work and I refer them in the highest!"

Chris Sauerzopf

Owner, WCT
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