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Introducing the VIP Program

Done-for-you video marketing designed to Retain Clients, Maximize Referrals, and Win new Business through our proven sales funnel process.

"The Orange Visuals Team have exceeded my expectations in regards to creating video content. They do an amazing job at coaching their clients on how to create impactful content, and made the process easy for me. I would highly recommend Orange Visuals to anyone looking to grow their business through social media and video content."



What's Included?

Monthly Strategy

Scripting & Planning

Professional Video Content

Social Posting & Managment

Exclusive Listing Visual Perks

The Game-Changer You Need:

🔑 Stop Losing Clients

Despite 88% of clients intending to re-engage, only 12% do — often due to fading connections or competition from other agents. Our tailored social media and email content strategies ensure you remain their go-to agent, significantly increasing your referral rate. Just one referral per client could double your business!

🌟 Find New Clients Outside Your Sphere

Stop relying solely on expensive lead sources. We unlock the untapped 60% of your market potential with bespoke, SEO-optimized YouTube content, attracting your ideal clients and creating a lasting, evergreen presence that continues to benefit you, no matter what the future holds.

⏰ Simplified Marketing: Save Time, Increase Volume

Effective marketing can be overwhelming and time-consuming — but not with us. We handle everything from scripting to posting to analytics, drastically reducing your time commitment to a mere 2-4 hours a month or about 1-2 days a year!

What is the VIP Program

The Orange Visuals VIP Program is designed to empower real estate professionals to own their business. Agents in the VIP Program don't rely on chance to get a referral. They don't hope somebody doesn't steal their client. They don't rely on a third party companies to bring them leads.

Our VIP program isn’t just a service; it’s a partnership. Orange Visuals becomes your in-house marketing team, giving you bespoke solutions that bring incredible results and actually save you time. From content strategy, scripting, unlimited video filming and comprehensive posting to analytics and monthly strategy meetings - we cover it all, so you can focus on what you do best: selling homes.

Want more info? Apply Below:

As of November, we have room for only 29 more members. VIP Members must be committed and dedicated. Apply below and our team will reach out to schedule a call.

    Want to join the VIP Program?


    Our program aims to produce incredible organic results. You should expect to see results in 3-6 months. Some clients see immediate results, but each situation is different. We approach each client individually.

    Our team takes care of the heavy lifting. Scripting, planning, filming, and posting. All you need to do is meet with us once a month to review strategy and analytics and another time to record videos. About 2-4 hours a month total.

    Our most exclusive perk is unlimited free listing photos and drone when book along with video. This could potentially save you 3-6k/yr in listing marketing alone.

    "They produce great work and I refer them in the highest!"

    Chris Sauerzopf

    Owner, WCT
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