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Original Video Content to Build Referrals & Repeat Business.

Grow your audience on social media through engaging, original, and consistent done-for-you short-form video content.

Schedule a Demo and Get 1 Free Video Edit!

Strategy & Plan

We help plan and script videos to engage with your audience.

Premium Original Video Content

We record, edit, and deliver your original content on brand.

Content Distribution

Whether on social media, email, or website, we distribute your content.

Realtors Shouldn’t Edit Videos

You need relevant, original, and consistent video content to stay top of mind with past clients and reach new prospects. As a successful realtor, you understand planning, filming, and editing video yourself is unsustainable.

You can’t be chief content creator and grow your business at the same time. Rather than spending time editing videos, your time is much better-spent networking, meeting with clients, and closing deals. But you know you need content…

Outsourcing Content Shouldn’t be Hit or Miss

... Yet that’s what you get most of the time when you try hiring someone on Fiverr or using marketing software. Hit-and-miss quality, or worse: Fluff content your customers can smell from a mile.

Not to mention the headaches and time it takes to self-manage video creation, hire a videographer, and still never get what you want. Doing all that busy work yourself will hinder you from achieving the goals that truly matter to you.

An Efficient & Effective Solution

The whole point of original consistent video marketing is to stay top of mind with your audience by providing value, and building trust. Doing so takes focused, strategic, and consistent commitment.

How can you possibly start creating original, valuable, and consistent video content without making unnecessary sacrifices in other parts of your business and personal life?

You don’t. That is where we can help.

Free Yourself to Grow Your Business

When you partner with Orange Visuals, it’s not just about getting premium original content every month that reflects your brand and resonates with your ideal customers. Our team becomes an integrated part of your business allowing you to free up valuable time and resources for high-dollar activities.

You didn’t become a real estate agent to sit and record videos and run social media. You become a real estate agent to have the freedom to do the things you love.

A Proven System

Orange Visuals began with the simple mission to make it easy and effective for Realtors to connect with their clients with visual marketing

Our proven system, streamlined process, and dedicated team are there every step of the way. From target client research to posting stellar video content on your social media. All the content is original to you and never canned.

We have spent years creating a refined and proven system to effectively and easily create premium original video content.

How it Works


Step 1

Free Consultation & Demo

Schedule a demo with our team to see how we help the top-producing realtors create original premium video content.


Step 2

Onboarding & Planning

From strategy to posting content, we integrate our system into your business.


Step 3

Watch the Business Grow

Month in, month out, you can count on your dedicated team to produce original premium content.

Got Ideas? … Need Ideas?

If you’ve got ideas for video content…​

Send your content topic ideas and our team will prepare an outline for you to follow on your content day.​

If you need content ideas…​

Every month, you will meet with your account manager to discuss and strategize content that resonates with your audience. Our team can also research and generate topic ideas for you at no extra cost!

Premium and Original Video Content

Depending on your plan, you will either send us your pre-recorded videos, record through a video call, or meet in person with a videographer. We will take your raw videos and professionally edit them on brand. During onboarding, we collect your branding information which means we never bother you about creative assets or editing questions. Just show up, record, and we will take care of the rest.

Warm Lead Lists to Generate Referrals

Building relationships and referrals are the bread and butter of real estate. We monitor your audience engagement on your marketing platforms and send you a list of warm leads to reach out to. These leads are people that are showing interest in buying and selling.

Simple Pricing

To fit your video content needs

  • 15 Edited Videos
  • Video Captions
  • Custom Branding
  • Exclusive Member
  •      Pricing for Listing
  •      Services
  • Content Planning
  • Virtual Content
  •       Recording
  • Content Posting
  •       (2 Social Media
  •       Platforms)
  • 15 Edited Videos
  • Video Captions
  • Custom Branding
  • Exclusive Member
  •      Pricing for Listing
  •      Services
  • Content Planning
  • Virtual Content
  •      Recording
  • Content Posting
  •       (2 Social Media
  •       Platforms)


Only Pay for What you Need

Blog Posts

Our writer will generate an engaging blog post based on your video to help with SEO ranking and website function.

In-Person Video

In person session to record your monthly content in-person with a professional videographer to elevate your videos

Extra Social Platform

Add a social media channel where our team will post optimized video content. Ex. Youtube, LinkedIn, TikTok

Schedule a Free Consultation

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