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G-Home Improvement​

 Tim  •  December 27, 2022

G-Home Improvement is a design and remodeling company that specializes in home kitchen and bath renovations. They approached us when they realized that simple phone pictures were not doing the work they do justice. They needed a solution that would help them share the incredible work they do with potential new customers.

With this task, Orange Visuals provided two main services. Several favorite projects were selected and we documented the work G-Home did, as well as the experience they provided to the customer. We had the chance to see firsthand what it was like to be a G-Home customer, and how it would be best to share this with future G-Home clients. This would be accomplished through video testimonials and photos.


Video & Photo Promotions


G-home Improvement

What We Did

Video Production,

Promotional Photography,

Real Estate Photography

Our photos were used to show off their amazing work to gain new customers.

What our Friends at G-home said:

“Very nice photos. They look amazing!”

Tanya M. – Project Manager at G-Home

“Thank you so much we love the photos thank you so much!!”

Doua – Designer at G-home

We helped G-home document their amazing work to show future prospects.

We visited several happy G-home clients and documented their experiences. This kind of videos drastically improve trust in potential future clients.

In addition to the videos, our team took superb photos to be used on social media, websites, and proposals by G-home.


Elaine Reese – Testimonial

Becca Thomas – Testimonial

Amy Tuller – Testimonial

Nick G. – Testimonial

This article is provided by Timothy Zaritskyy from Orange Visuals, a real estate branding firm. If you need help creating a lasting brand, visit or click the button below to learn more.

Tim  –  December 21, 2022

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