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3 Ways to Dominate Instagram

Tim  •  February 1, 2023

Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the most powerful tools to grow an audience and build relationships with strangers to maximize your business. Granted there are so many other agents using Instagram. In the flood of posts and content, what strategies and techniques can you use on Instagram to maximize your time, effort, and relationships? Here are three to dominate Instagram as a real estate professional.

Give a look Behind the Scenes of Real Estate

The value of a good real estate agent truly shines through when something goes wrong. It’s hard to differentiate between a good and a great agent if everything is smooth and easy. A good way to show potential clients that you are the agent that can deal with issues, and overcome obstacles, and challenges is to share what you’re currently facing. Did you help your clients overcome a problem that resulted in success? Share about it. Your potential clients are told every day by various agents how good they are at overcoming challenges. Be the agent that shows your clients that you in fact do so. Showing your audience your expertise and experience in overcoming challenges could be as simple as recording a short video on the fly and sharing some insight. The goal should be to instill confidence in clients that they are listening to a seasoned professional.

Collaborate with Ideal Clients

Great marketing that attracts valuable clients is all about positioning. In what ways could you use Instagram to position yourself in front of your ideal clients? Are there specific people you want to work with? Collaborating on social media is a proven method to jumpstart an excellent professional relationship. If your prospective audience is interested in sports, could you do a video collaboration with a sports organization? Maybe a local popular sports bar? The idea is to naturally position yourself in front of the objects, people, or events your audience is already paying attention to. A popular example of this collaboration is to find popular local shops, boutiques, or attractions and share information or promote those local spots. Ideally, the Instagram pages of those local spots will share your information or video to a new sphere of the audience that matches your target clientele. As a result, your current audience is educated, you’re exposed to a new client base, and you establish a new relationship with a local business owner.

Reflect on the Person Your Client is Looking for

It’s important to reflect and show your audience what they want to see. It sounds simple but is often easy to forget. Often times I see REALTORS® creating content and posting about things that resonate more with other agents than it does with potential clients. For example, when you post humorous content involving real estate jargon that only your fellow REALTORS® will understand, this may garner more views and engagement from real estate professionals but it does not deepen your connection with potential clients. Often times they don’t relate to real estate jokes. This involuntarily pushes away potential clients who feel “out of the loop.” Generally speaking, you want to create content that resonates with what potential clients are thinking about. That would be obstacles such as market shifts, lifestyle preferences, or you as a person in real life. Ideally, you want to become relatable and someone whom they can envision trusting in the real estate process. It’s hard to relate to and trust a person who has different interests, ways of living, and talking.

When it comes to social media for business it’s important to not follow trends or act in a way that everyone else is doing. You need to stand out. Social media is meant to amplify who you are as a person in real life. The last thing you want is to attract potential clients based on a certain online persona and have them discover you are actually a different person in real life. If you want to learn more about social media marking, schedule a free consultation at

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