From selling blueberries, to making his first million at age 22, here is the incredible breakthrough story of Victor Prozapas.

The Breakthrough Episode 1

Victor Prozapas

Trampoline Park Franchisee and Investor

What is the Breakthrough Series?

The Breakthrough Series is a video interview series hosted by Timothy Zaritskyy, where he interviews successful entrepreneurs and gains incredible insight on their journey to success. The purpose of this series is to inspire, challenge, and encourage young entrepreneurs to overcome adversity as they hear these Breakthrough stories.

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Who is Victor Prozapas?

Victor is an immigrant entrepreneur and investor from Ukraine. His first lessons in business came from his experience in selling blueberries on his fathers property. Having moved to the USA without knowing English, Victor overcame various challenges and quickly found success, becoming a millionaire by the age of 22. Through many hard learned lessons, challenges, and failures, he is able to be where he is today.

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